Victory Forge Military Academy is the same as Southeastern Military Academy

In December 2009, Weierman decided to change the name for Victory Forge to Southeastern Military Academy. Nothing about the school has changed, except the name. Even their website is the same (save for a new URL).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still Here

Received some pretty mean email from someone from VF. Basically telling us that they outlasted us and that we would never win. They thought we had disappeared and would not return. Basically, they tried to brow-beat us.

News alert, we are still here (had to attend some family matters) and we will not go away until Victory Forge changes the way it conducts business or is shut down. They are run by a bunch of carnival bakers (and that is an insult to carnival bakers).

Once we settle in, we will post some additional emails from our readers.

Also, we heard back from the Dr. Phil show. At the current time, they are not looking to do a story on teens and discipline. They will run a follow-up to their stories on the Aspen Ranch and at that point, they may contact us to possibly get some information from us. So all is not lost.

Stay tuned for another exciting summer.